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ComJOBB Customs Broker Program
--- HTSUS 2017, Title 19 CFR 2017
--- CATAIR, and Directives
ComJOBB Customs Broker In-field Classroom Program in NYC
Call (718) 898-8808

ComJOBB Customs Broker Realtime Online Learning Program Nationwide
Please send your name, telephone number to ComJOBB@yahoo.com to get access key to the remote learning system. New ComJOBB CBP broker program in 2017 will begin this month.

ComJOBB Customs Broker Exam Reference Materials Downloading
( Title 19 Code of Federal Regulations 2017, Part 10 Articles Conditionally Free )
Title 19 Code of Federal Regulations 2017, Part 163 Recordkeeping )
( US Customs Exam Sample Questions )

ComJOBB Freight Fowarder/NVOCC Program
--- Air Import, Air Export
--- Ocean Import, Ocean Export

ComJOBB FDA Compliance Review

US Export Compliance Review

Participants in Customs Broker Exam Review will be offered with free air/ocean forwarding program.
現在參加美國報關師班, 一律送免費 Forwarder Air/Ocean Operation 班。

Customs Broker Exam Books and References

大紐約地區(包括法拉盛、新澤西), 康捷是唯一真能考出報關師的老牌機構, 2010年10月報關師考試康捷大豐收, 有10多名學員通過考試, 光是取得超過90%高分的就有2位學員。


Mark先生, 貿易公司老闆,通過康捷五個月的培訓, 2010年10月份首次參加考試就取得超過90%的高分,全美罕見。Mark先生2011年6月經由JFK Port申請成為執照報關師。 凡參加過報關師考試的人都知道, 第一次考試能取得75%分通過, 比第二次考試得95%的高分還要偉大。全美海關每年舉辦兩次考試, 每年平均100至250人通過考試。花2年至5年準備考試仍然未能通過考試的人全美範圍內比比皆是。

Mark's Tips to Pass CBP Broker Exam in Just One Shot

Ms.Eddie學員, MBA from Ohio State Univ.,於2010年6月參加康捷報關師考試培訓計劃,2010年10月初首次參加考試就通過報關師考試。 她現在一家美國大公司工作。

Ms.Michelle學員, Bachelor Degree from Fordham Univ.,於2010年6月參加康捷報關師考試培訓計劃,2010年10月初首次參加考試就通過報關師考試。

Jason學員, 畢業於福州大學,2010年10月通過報關師考試, 2011年6月經由JFK Port申請成為執照報關師。

James學員,2010年10月通過報關師考試。2011年6月經由JFK Port申請成為美國報關師。2011年8月James加盟物流報關業界全美擁有近1200名僱員的巨頭公司 Long Island分公司從事報關工作。


Customs Broker License Examination - Notice of Examination for October 25, 2017

This notice announces that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will conduct the Customs Broker License Examination on Wednesday, October 25, 2017. Delivery will be in electronic format per Final Rule 82 FR 29714 “Modernization of the Customs Broker Exam” published on June 30, 2017. CBP allows individuals to register for the exam through an online automated CBP broker examination registration system (replacing Form 3124E, “Application for Customs Broker License Exam”), and mandates the registrant pay a $390 required examination fee at that time.

The examination application deadline is Friday, September 22, 2017 11:59 PM Eastern Time. All applications must be submitted online at the web address noted below. Payment of the required $390 license examination fee must be made online via the examination application, and must be made by credit card, by debit card that can be used as a credit card, or by PayPal.

The registration web address is:

Applications and fees that are submitted directly to the service port or CBP Headquarters will not be accepted and will be returned to the applicant.

The purpose of the examination, as authorized by 19 CFR 111.13(a), is to "determine the individual's knowledge of Customs and related laws, regulations and procedures, bookkeeping, accounting, and all other appropriate matters, necessary to render valuable service to importers and exporters."

CBP has provided a link on the broker home page titled “Sample Customs Broker Electronic Exam” at cbp.gov/trade/brokers that may be accessed to acquaint the prospective examinee with the navigation and layout of the modernized format. It may be accessed an unlimited number of time and may be useful in familiarizing exam applicants with the electronic exam process. This sample electronic exam will not evaluate answers.

Applicants for the Customs Broker License Examination must be U.S. citizens, age 18 or older, and not employed by the federal government at the time of the examination date of October 25, 2017.

The Customs Broker License Examination consists of 80 multiple-choice questions. A score of 75 percent is required to pass. The examination lasts 4.5 hours. (Exam topics typically include: Entry; Classification; Trade Agreements; Valuation; Broker Compliance; Power of Attorney; Marking; Drawback; Bonds; Foreign Trade Zones/Bonded Warehouse; Warehouse Entries; Intellectual Property Rights; Fines, Penalties and Forfeiters: and other subjects pertinent to a broker's duties.

  • Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (2017 version, Basic Edition) ( Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States 2017 )
  • Title 19, Code of Federal Regulations (2016, Revised as of April 1, 2016 or 2017, Parts 1 to 199)
  • Instructions for Preparation of CBP Form 7501 (July 24, 2012) ( CBP Form 7501 )
  • Right to Make Entry Directive 3530-002A

We anticipate that registration for the October 2017 exam will open in August 2017. Please monitor this website for registration information and other exam announcements.

Cell phones, laptops, pagers, smart watches and other communication devices may not be used inside the examination room.

Any applicant caught cheating will be removed from the exam.

Where to find ComJOBB US Customs Broker Exam Reference for Title 19 CFR ?
( Title 19 Code of Federal Regulations 2016, Part 24 Customs Financial )
Title 19 Code of Federal Regulations 2016, Part 163 Recordkeeping )

Curious to See Sample Questions of US Customs Broker Exam ?
( US Customs Broker Exam Sample Questions ) <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

通常都是哪些人參加康捷培訓能夠取得報關師執照 ?

康捷學員通過報關師考試年齡最年輕的只有22歲, 最年長的的有58歲; 文憑最低的只有廣東台山高中畢業, 文憑最高的有美國博士學位; 最幸運的學員剛好首次75%通過, 成績最好的有95%得分。

What is the conflict of the interests ? 如何學會認識利益衝突防止被騙 ?
最近有一位NVOCC海運貨代公司老闆參加康捷報關培訓, 他意義深長地說:“有自稱報關公司的報關師總裁做報關培訓, 感覺怪怪的”。

什麼是利益衝突? 報關公司之間彼此都是利益競爭者, 同行是冤家。如果市面上有資格做報關生意的報關師越多, 則某一報關公司生意越難做;如果市面上有資格做報關生意的報關師越少, 則某一報關公司生意越好做。誰會相信報關公司總裁辦報關培訓會真心願意培訓出學員通過考試從而成為自己的競爭者, 只能說是太天真。對於報關公司而言, 利益最大化的有效途徑是盡可能多的把 potential competitors 清除掉。這也就是為什麼新澤西某公司5年報關培訓考試通过率為零, 法拉盛某公司3年報關考試通过率為零的原因之一。

就那位NVOCC海運貨代老闆而言, 如果他通過報關考試成為報關師, 那公司就不需要通過其他報關公司來報關, 還可以提供貨運報關一條龍服務, 比單純的報關公司要強許多。因此,他絕對不相信其他報關公司總裁會誠心願意教他通過考試成為報關師, 姑且不論對方是否有實力教報關培訓。

康捷中心專業從事報關培訓, 是所有想成為報關師的個人或公司的朋友, 是所有想擴充報關網絡的報關公司的朋友 。