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<br/><br/> qgwm\0wm\hQP[1Xܕ, N25t^\mi}W <br/> --- Grace\Y <br/><br/> qgwm\0wm\0hQtwmK, N13t^\mi}W<br/> --- Candy\Y <br/><br/> JFKOwchQtzzK, N12t^\mi}W<br/> --- KevinHQu <br/><br/> 'YW9RlQSvc gR<br/> --- Tina\Y, N15t^\mi}W <br/><br/> 'Yx[ubp1Xܕ+^<br/> --- Dr.Zhang, Ph.D. from NYU, ]W Ǐ300 T^wcx[Tbp1Xܕ+^ <br/><br/> Freight ForwarderlQSIcbirAm1XܕlQS, Y[mIgwN~~irAmlQS]~(W^wcv.^R NbRGS~:N[Rf:_virAmNbsQlQS<br/> --- Dr.Zhang <br/><br/> 2QSlQSIcb2QS1XܕlQS<br/> --- Dr.Zhang <br/><br/> 1XܕlQS \BlXˊ3t^N N}Wv1Xܕ+^<br/> --- Dr.Zhang <br/><br/> 1XܕlQS^ihQ1Xܕ}a}<br/> --- Dr.Zhang <br/><br/> 'Yx[u_NFreight Forwarding Operations: <br/> Ocean Import/Export,<br/> Air Import/Export, etc.<br/> --- Dr.Zhang <br/><br/> <iframe width="180" height="138" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/C7GGhqC0Nbc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/>sYbsQ^R^CgZ: `7hb:Nt^6eeQ12NCQvwmsQbsQ^ ? <br/><br/> <iframe width="180" height="138" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Ve1rhTajYDQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/> ComJOBB - GoldBridge to Become a CBP Broker <br/><br/> <iframe width="180" height="138" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/-lhnFB6bbl8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/>sYwmsQbsQ^R^㉥bsQ^ՋYe z(I), VNSNb@w,T <br/><br/> <iframe width="180" height="138" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/hhpjKR2FTJ8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/>sYbsQ^R^㉎VwmsQbsQ^ՋYe z(II), i_Qnx, TW[npf, uR, mS^'Yf[XTvU1r <br/><br/> <iframe width="180" height="138" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/T1sF-hlJyEU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/>sY^y~+RsYf[XT45)YǏVwmsQbsQ^Ջ~qQN May, 2017 <br/><br/> <iframe width="180" height="138" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/6bPLDH8Wcck" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/>sYbsQ^R^㉥bsQ^ՋYe z(III), :Nf[XT_N~w0W㉘b] <br/><br/> <iframe width="180" height="138" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Imm8amU5Avo" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/>How Did Miss Venus Become a Licensed Customs Broker in 2018 ? </span> <br/><br/> ^wc W1Xܕ+^ёpS(WmiLur T`c0 <br/><br/> pNx[1Xܕarxd^wc WёpS ?<br/><br/> x[1Xܕvu6qߍN1Xܕ+^WVy+^:r^wcx[, Sߍ^wcv__x[U ?<br/><br/> ^wc WёpSizPWhQ W1Xܕ+^W-NbNi ! <br/><br/> pN^wc WёpS/fN1Xܕ+^WVy+^:r ? <br/></br/> 15t^MR, ^wc WёpS gRNMR, hQN1Xܕ+^Qk҉, SNNKbc-xeQO; N)Y, 'Y}}0W@S~^NN@b g gq_Rv1XܕlQSirAmlQS g^wcW v1Xܕ+^, ^wcN1Xܕ+^}TO'Y}}0W@S@b ghQ-N1Xܕ+^=~xev50%0^wc]k^R 390 Y Tx[Tbp W1Xܕ+^ я20t^hQN1Xܕ+^=~xe'Y}S g420 T]S0 ^wcvbR_wN_YNhQeMOvHeN, Sbˊ(W^wcQ1Xܕ+^Wgqvx[T\O+^, S`Heg*Y], 8t^ONvZP(ˆ\mi6b0<br/><br/> pN^wc WёpSizPWhQ W1Xܕ+^W-NbNi ?<br/><br/> SGoogleN N 0<a href=" http://www.google.com/search?q=pass+CBP+broker+exam+in+one+shot ">Pass CBP Broker Exam in One Shot </a> 0, N|vshQ WS g^wc/f/UNN[ gRZP#jU};mvLr_ji0 cgq'\s^}vўt֊0V}vg9jt֊N  g [*QybNORSN_QP}֊: ^wc WёpSizPWhQ W1Xܕ+^W-NbNi ! <br/> <br/><br/> <iframe width="180" height="138" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Hr3UsrRRwdE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/> VwmsQbsQ^]\ObXO World renowned employers prefer to hire customs brokers from ComJOBB GoldKey USA. <br/><br/> <iframe width="180" height="138" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/aLfOnBIyWhg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/> Customs Entry Seminar Presentation <br/><br/> <img src="image/WeComJobb.jpg" width="185" height="185" /> <br/> Scan N N, mR^wc_O AmericanReward </td> <td height="155" align="center" valign="top"><img src="image/TL_Jobs.jpg" width="738" height="148" /></td> </tr> <tr> <td>&nbsp;</td> <td align="center" valign="top" class="text_01"><table width="580" border="0" align="center" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <tr> <td><p align="left" class="text_01"> <br /> <table> <td width="550" valign="top" > <b>Proven ComJOBB American Golden Key to Live A Happy Life in the U.S.</b> <br/><br/> According to the latest statistics report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor, the share of young people 16 to 24 years old who were employed was 48.8 percent. There are millions of youth Americans either out of work or underemployed. <br/><br/> If you're a high school/college senior or a recent graduate who is still seeking employment, you should be prepared for the fact that employers will continue to be highly selective, likely to hire graduates with more experience, higher levels of motivations, and a focused interest in their industry. <br/><br/> Competition for job openings will remain especially fierce. <br/><br/> <b>ComJOBB GoldKey s mission is to help</b> <ul> (1) college students get ready for good jobs before their graduations<br/> (2) middle-aged professionals safeguard double happiness and stability<br/> (3) accounting assistants,casino dealers,and other workers switch to professional jobs<br/> (4) freight forwarders and warehouse proprietors consolidate to integrated service providers </ul> and much more ! <br/><br/> <b>Interesting Facts About U.S. Customs Broker</b> <ul> (1) there are approximately 11,000 active licensed customs brokers in the United States. <br/> (2) highly experienced and skilled customs brokers can earn more than US$ 100,000 to US$150,000 annually.<br/> (3) customs broker is eligible to conduct customs business all over the United States. </ul> <b>U.S. Customs Broker s Responsibilities</b><br/> Customs brokers are authorized to submit necessary information and appropriate payments to U.S. Customs and Border Protection on behalf of their clients and charge them a fee for this service. <br/><br/> <b>How to Become a Customs Broker ?</b> <ul> First, you must pass the Customs Broker License Examination.<br/> Second, you must submit a broker license application with appropriate fees.<br/> Third, your application must be approved by CBP. </ul> <b>Where and When is the Customs Broker Examination Given? How to Register for the Examination ?</b><br/> This examination will be given on the fourth Wednesday in April and October. An individual who intends to take the examination must complete the electronic application at least 30 calendar days prior to the scheduled examination date and must remit the $390 examination fee. CBP will give notice of the exact time and place for the examination. Application shall be made online following <a href="https://www.pay.gov/paygov/forms/formInstance.html?agencyFormId=38464098" > Application for Customs Broker License Exam on October 24, 2018 ( Application will be open on September 2018) </a>. <br/><br/> <span style="color:#0000FF"> ComJOBB Golden Key is specialized in providing essential services to help people become customs brokers/logistics professionals in very short time. <br/><br/> <ul> If you just graduated from a U.S. School, and you still did not have a professional office job after six-month intensive job hunting, you may need ComJOBB job-targeting services. <br/><br/> If you have some degree from China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Malaysia, Thailand, or any other country, and you've been engaged in labor jobs for more than 1 year, you may need ComJOBB track-switching services. <br/><br/> If you are an international student, and you plan to anchor your life and career in U.S., you may need ComJOBB anchoring services. <br/><br/> If you have a relative good job for many years, but your annual income is never exceeding $60,000, and you desire to have a real change, you may need ComJOBB uplifting services. <br/><br/> If you are a business owner, and you plan to launch new business in customs transaction or freight forwarding industry, you may need ComJOBB new business softlanding services. <br/><br/> If you are a forwarding business owner, and you plan to become integrated forwarding and customs brokerage service provider, you may need ComJOBB premium integration services. <br/><br/> If you are an importer/exporter/freight forwarder/customs broker, and you schedule to upgrade your customer services and human resource management level, you may need ComJOBB workforce optimization services. Several customs brokers and freight forwarders in New York and Los Angeles increased their profits remarkably after taking ComJOBB workforce optimization strategies. (W~~NmIgw g}YY[irAmNbsQlQS, V:NǑ~N^wcVёSvNRDnOSV{eu, (W_wveQ, lQSv[7bpeϑNS)Rm gNg'YvX0 <br/><br/> If you are a customs brokerage business owner, and you plan to expand your network throughout the United States, you may need ComJOBB premier empire services. </ul> You are welcome to come to ComJOBB GoldKey, free of charge, for a preliminary custom solution to your concerned matter. <br/><br/> ComJOBB custom job and business solutions are effective, powerful, and express. <br/><br/> <img src="image/Lindasp.jpg" width="415" height="600" /><br> <br/>Congratulations to Ms Linda at her age of 28, a product development manager in an import wholesaler in New York, New York, who joined Comjobb in Feb 14, 2017, passed the customs broker exam in April 3, 2017 with a score of 88.75%, the latest miracle created by Comjobb student. Her incredible, legendary performance within so short period beat all others in the United States in customs broker exam. Her father, a distinguished professor from Tian Jing University China, highly praised ComJOBB undoubtably the No.1 in the United States in helping people to pass customs broker exam. <br/><br/> <iframe width="542" height="310" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/T1sF-hlJyEU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/>sY^y~+RsYf[XT45)YǏVwmsQbsQ^Ջ, _R88.75%, dVbsQNirAmLu May, 2017 <br/><br/> Uavc: ^'Y gSla, 45)YǏVbsQ^Ջv`Q, S gS_wckvf[8x0R^wcv)YMbvbsQ^WYe6r^ _ZSXMb gSQs0 <br/><br/> gNNkjfvFO؏vQ[܏܏Y N Nf[8v, S/fknfN z_:_Npv gS, _ gSO`S_6q0W:N, ](WN@bvS_ Nvw T'Yf[fNkN/fN^Θz, GPA_N_ؚ, O~bN*N] NYvbsQ^c^f[`NQYbsQ^Ջ, ǏՋ^ N/f, ُvQ[S/fvS_NS`?av`l, vQ~gS` w0 <br/><br/> (W~~fT gN[_'YvVbsQL, vQbsQ~t[EbsQ~^8^0N[, qQSRǏ8!kbsQ^Ջ, O6q NǏbsQ^Ջ0 <br/><br/> gv gS, _Ye, S Yk N TW:ggvf[9Y\, kfN9Y\, wweg{_^8^|f, (WL[ weg, ُvQ[(WZPe(uR, vQt+RRNSzfR gNN, g~v~gN[/f99% NǏՋv, sSOQt^eS Y, ǏbsQ^ՋvS'`_Ng\0 <br/><br/> wmsQbsQ^vt^6eeQTy)RߍlQO^Sgbgq_^[hQ(WN*Nch!k, N1\Nf3z, jfN N<br/> Aw_y:SlOs:WǏvbsQ^ՋbRHhOƉ, N*NƉb NQeg0ُNW:gg, N/f N`lQ^ g gRvbRHhOs:WƉeg8T_fYv\o(W~[, /f[(WN*Nb NQeg, lQ^QegvƉhQ/f^N*NN(W1Ur҉b0 <br/><br/> gvdbsQWv:gg, ]_N^8^nZib NQNUONNO gvb~, a0R_̑^8^SZ, N/fNSR%)R'`vLNOSO, JTɋ\o(W~[, SRyYNvwmsQbsQW, 1\O g20*Nf[R, FOvQ[VTwmsQv^ NbNUO:ggcNvNUOf[R, [ǏwmsQbsQ^ՋNS3ubsQgbgql gNUO(uY, ُN\OO/fN_`ZvLNOSO QegZW:ggv, W:ggQbdk!kN{ZvQN~[v0 <br/><br/> ؏ gvW:gg, ]~bNNNQNN^NvZGPv?S TvGoogle review, `NN Nfwvv4Yk{USv~[ON:Nw, N:Nُ*NW:gg^8^`1, FOvQ[NUONS gN*NGmail{, SNQNNv)YqN`WvZGPv^KN͋, (u_w/fUOvQo, FOvQ[^'YNSN/f^8^jfv, lHN[f NS_S0 <br/><br/> ċ0ON*NwmsQbsQ^W:gg0R^` N`1, /UN wv/fSRWvf[XT0R^ NǏVTwmsQvbsQ^Ջ, /f N/fkt^ g_YNǏbsQ^Ջ, dNNvQN̑TvN/f_ZNR:g N~0 <br/><br/> CS̑l8^ g, /OPN N8^ g, Yg`O N/fwckvf[8, S/f_}Yv TLr'Yf[vkNu(kYkNN~~]z'Yf[, R]]z'Yf[), bNN/fN*Nnf'Yf[u/f>y:S'Yf[kNvf[u, w`ǏbsQ^Ջ, SR^wcVbsQ^ёS[`O sQ͑ 0`ǏbsQ^Ջ, Yg NSR^wcVёS, g~OTY\mY\j, S gvQ,gNObabavNSNSOO0(Wُ̑, ^wcwڋv]y?akNMO gSz)R0WǏbsQ^Ջ, SNNvf'YbR ! <br/> <iframe width="542" height="310" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/OlHh9Vs8alM?ecver=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/>Linda Passed Customs Broker Exam in 45 days with a score of 88.75%, Seminar in English <br/><br/> <img src="image/Williams3.jpg" width="400" height="519" /><br/><br/> Williams QNmIgw kNN UC Riverside, NvYY/fWSR]mIgw\ g Tlv-N;S^02017t^9gR Williams (WNYYvgRR N b TSR^wcbsQ^W Y2017t^10ghQbsQ^~NՋ0=\{S_ee'} f[`Nb^8^͑ Williams ؏/fR+cĖ N>NǏՋ0__ (W2018t^1gR Williams (WLAN[SS`ENvLrbsQlQS~b0RNNNNbsQLMO0Williams vYY QuNS~nvDmVN m ga0W Williams gN)Y ^8^a" _ZSXup;mvYe[e_ meQEmQ SSv$N'YQwmsQl_De ͑p'Y(W N0R$N*Ngve gNfnxvi_ ^8^N Nw bN g:gOOJTɋt^{N gtQ1\S~b^wcf[`N bsQ^WYe6r^ _ZSX^\0 <br/><br/> <img src="image/Tiffanyss.jpg" width="380" height="515" /><br> <br/>Congratulations to Ms Tiffany, working with an import wholesaler in Los Angeles, she joined ComJOBB in Feb 12, 2017, passed the customs broker exam in April 3, 2017 with a score of 80%. Her performance shocked the customs & forwarding business circle in Southern California. <br/><br/> <br/><br/> <iframe width="536" height="305" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/AZicBxHoHa0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/>VwmsQbsQ^ՋbR~N~O 2013t^12g (Mandarin-speaking Testimonial Seminar, December 2013) <br/>Adams(W^wcNNN*NJSg1\Ǐ2013t^10gbsQ^Ջ, vS_NN(u45)Y1\Ǐ_^DAdams was holding a public seminar, in December 2013, sharing his legendary story how to pass US customs broker exam in 45 days. Adams joined ComJOBB GoldKey in Mid-August, 2013, took the CBP broker exam in October 7, 2013, he got a passing grade within an unbelievable short period. Adams only has computer backgrounds with absolutely no experience in customs brokerage or freight forwarding industry. Adams created a legendary U.S. record of passing customs broker examination in just 45 days. <br/><br/> <iframe width="530" height="300" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Ijk_Dg4G180" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/>Jasmin's tips to pass customs broker exam in less than 3 months in just one shot. (English-speaking Testimonial Seminar, December 2011) <br/><br/> <iframe width="530" height="300" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/OKfnQnAEns4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/>VwmsQbsQ^ՋbR~N~O 2014t^12g, Mr. Johnny passed customs broker exam in 3 months in just one shot (Mandarin-speaking Testimonial Seminar, December 2014) <br/><br/> <iframe width="530" height="300" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/8N8LLDDzFMg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/>VwmsQbsQ^ՋbR~N~O 2014t^5g, Jaime \Yvw[EeN(Mandarin-speaking Testimonial Seminar, May 2014) <br/><br/> <iframe width="530" height="300" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/iElUCmAyv8o" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/>Eliot passed customs broker license exam in one shot at the age of 26 with four-month ComJOBB training. (Seminar in Mandarin) <br/><br/> <iframe width="530" height="300" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/-NCJcrb1x1k" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/>Janet's tips to pass customs broker exam in October 2012 in just one shot with only two-and-half-month ComJOBB training. Ms Janet is a housewife in her late 40's with absolutely no degree and no professional experience in the U.S. (Seminar in Mandarin, December 2012) <br/><br/> <iframe width="530" height="300" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/lDqHUOwxa-Q" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/> Mark's Tips to Become a CBP Broker in Just One Shot. (Seminar in Mandarin, December 2010) <br/><br/> <br/><br/> <iframe width="530" height="300" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/QalORP3j9fM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/> Mr. Joe, Former President of New Jersey Taiwanese Association (April 2009 ~ April 2011), was Addressing a Seminar How to Pass CBP Broker Exam in Just One Shot. (Seminar in Mandarin) <br/><br/> <iframe width="530" height="300" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/FVl3qhAupjo" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/>Nancy passed customs broker license exam in one shot at the age of 25 in Flushing, New York. She applauded ComJOBUSA program as the best customs broker exam class in NYC, as well as in USA (Seminar in English) <br/><br/> <iframe width="530" height="300" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/xB6LTtuyGkY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/>VwmsQbsQ^ՋgebR~N~O 2013t^12g (Mandarin-speaking Seminar, December 2013) <br/><br/> <iframe width="530" height="300" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/rqRD9ncPW94" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/>VwmsQbsQ^ՋgebR~N~O 2014t^5g (Mandarin-speaking Seminar, May 2014) <br/><br/> <img src="image/Michel.jpg" width="230" height="301" /><br> Congratulations to Ms Michelle, former leading chinese newspaper WorldJournal commercial news reporter director with over 12-year media experiences, now a licensed customs broker since 2009, she is a partner of a big customs brokerage company in JFK. She has full knowledge of all asian communities in NYC, she highly appraised and recommended ComJOBB the pioneer and the unmatched authority in customs broker training industry in the U.S.,  ComJOBB program definitely is the best customs broker exam prep course in the U.S. . <br/><br/> Michelle\Y, MRN;NAm1X}NLue1X]FU;N{, N12t^vZԚ}W, 2009t^bp W1Xܕ+^, s(WyY/fJFKN[1XܕlQSvT\O%Y4O0yYq`}}@b gN>y@SNR, yYؚ^UP^wc WёpS/f1Xܕ+^WWvHQES NSNfNv kZ0 <br/><br/> <img src="image/TL_PP.jpg" width="520" height="230" /><br> <span style="color:#0000FF">Customs Broker Exam pass rate in ComJOBB was as high as up to 87.50%, as indicated above: Seven out of eight in one class passed customs broker exam in the year 2007 ^wc WёpS1Xܕ+^fNsgؚST 87.50% ! W-N TNs}kQMOx[T1\ gNMObp Wwmܕ1Xܕ+^ ! yr+R]y:PW(WTc҉=v4TTHa Tf[gяvQNWf[!hX:NbsQW^, TNvNMOw T^_Nw, :NcGS!hvW[R\OQN ]:NNvey!.s0 </span> <br/><br/> ^wc WёpS1XܕfW[R7_ r T`Ji0 <br/> SGoogleN N 0 pass customs broker exam in one shot 0 1\wS^wc WёpSvNϑN0If you google the words 0<a href=" http://www.google.com/search?q=pass+customs+broker+exam+in+one+shot ">pass customs broker exam in one shot </a> 0, you will know immediately that ComJOBB is the top one in customs broker training industry, because nobody else in the U.S. has the ability to train students in 45 days to pass this CBP broker exam in just one shot/attempt except ComJOBB! Only ComJOBB in the US has such a magic power to train people with absolutely no professional experience to pass this most challenging CBP broker exam in just one shot in a systematic way. <br/><br/> By googling 0 <a href=" http://www.google.com/search?q=pass+customs+broker+exam ">pass customs broker exam </a> 0, you may find many other organizations providing customs broker exam training. The question how to judge which  tree will bear  good fruit will puzzle you immediately. If you choose  bad tree , you will definitely get  bad fruit . The simplest way you can do is to apply the wisdom of the Holy Bible: Christ said in Matthew 7:16-20,  You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles? Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 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Early birds for this most rewarding course usually have more chances to pass the exam in one shot ! <br/><br/> The customs broker examination will be conducted on the fourth Wednesday in April and October each year.<br/><br/> Y(WVvNSN gSN[(W_[~bNHN/fΘahQV~vՋ N=rvZ/g ?<br/><br/> S_`O]~N~Ǐُ̑bvhQ萅Q[T, (W_-N؞_  VёSZ/g ]N]NkQASNM, `ON[OǏNSyvf~b0R_8^s5v^yGYvVёS0<br/><br/> [~bvǏ z gvS_v_! <br/><br/> eyl, VEf[u,  Weu;m,{Nz(W^wc0 <br/><br/> N_Yt^Bf, N1Yx[!h, g PeaS g PIf, FON6ql gP#jv[z}Tv\mi]\O, pN NOfNf^wc WёpS ?<br/><br/> Dme8nLu|3*NgbRleQwmsQbsQLN, VNSNb@w w<br/> <iframe width="158" height="100" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/WwHMHkgLydw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/><br/> Tiffany\Y2*Ngd[wmsQbsQ]\O, VNSNb@w w<br/> <iframe width="158" height="100" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/2eeL7s4XnuU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/><br/> ` N`wS27\, l gNUO WeavmIgwۏSybSFUN^{tXT, YUO(W^wcvk^R N, ww2 PggQg6eeQ1u $3,000 NGS0Rg6eeQ$6,000 Yv NVOCClQSv}t0<br/> <iframe width="158" height="100" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/tka9lyqW-bc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/><br/> Benjamin, graduated from a college in New York City in May 2015, then joined Comjobb Goldkey as referred by his father, immediately he got an ideal position in an integrated logistics company in August 2015. <br/> <iframe width="158" height="100" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/627093Wjs5o" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/><br/> Melissa successfully acquired a professional job in a giant logistics company in 30 days after she joined Comjobb GoldKey.<br/> <iframe width="158" height="100" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/4x-V_gB7Ng8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/><br/> ` N`wS, dN'YF'YNeQ, l gvQNNUOVf[MO, ul gSRǏESLW, _Nl gNUOvsQۏQS8f]\O~, 27\v-NVlWS_\OHQu2015t^10g^ReQ^wcёpS, Ǐ^wc.^_, N0R2*Ng1\z)R(W~~fTDя/nSW^~b0RNNwmЏۏQS8f]\O0</a> <br/> <iframe width="158" height="100" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/TkMgAH5oVcg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/><br/> ` N`wSl gNUO W\mi}WveylFoxmanHQuYUO(W^wc WёpSvk^R N, _/nyl0R}}_vww3 PggQ~b0RN[ W'YlQSv}twMO ?</a> <br/><br/> <iframe width="158" height="100" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/PhquREC7KH0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/><br/> ` N`wSl gNUO W]\O}WvYuf[u_l\Y O)R O]MBAbumi_, YUO(W^wc WёpSvk^R N, 0R}}ww1 PggQ~b0Rnav\miwMO ? <br/><br/> <iframe width="158" height="100" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/GYGboDPuAhs" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/><br/> #}}^MR^wm_ZS(Michael Bloomberg)QZN0W 0cޞ 0x[mib>~ N`#jvؚ-Nu vQ N'Yx[ NYSvu4l], S_bSx[!hk-r'Yx[ea g(u0N 0bgYOULvN /fx[mib>~^NI{Nv'Yx[bumiu0 0 0vu4l]ߍ2eQT[OiQKNvk \N,NO vu P4l]SkR{0 0 m_ZSvt1u(We ̀x[PRvR]bumi_c0bf'Y vKN N 4l]6eeQ N/ _Nl gx[d0N 0`O N_}v}vjmVt^ NFOl g6eeQ kt^_405,CQx[ Mz k'YF{x[u>k0 0 N vu4l{ SSN}cvvu}Yvu;m S N_̀x[u>k _N N_d_]\OYS0RvQN W[ bfTRSSN0 <br/><br/>  W1Xܕ+^t^6,-15,, kZP4l]f}Y, _N N_d_]\OYS0RvQN W[ bfTRSSN, knf'Yx[bumiu}Y_Y0^wc WёpS2018t^8g1Xܕ+^ёLrssS\s, (WYouTube NgNg"1Xܕ+^fbR}WN9}g" 1\wS^wc WёpSvNϑN0k^ WzlؚNSu;m, k^VEf[ubumizsS1\mi ! <br/><br/>  W1Xܕ+^kgq!qNUO\miWgqvnf WNs^GWkt^SY"5~6,, 30t^SNY168, ! <br/><br/> ComJobb GoldKey customs broker course will provide most valuable guidelines and tips to help people to pass this most challenging and also easy exam in several months (the time required may vary, depending upon different ages, education levels, and other factors of the person). There are several options: NYC and LA local classroom programs and remote live online classes nationwide. <br/><br/> Great news came from Los Angeles, New York, Houston for the customs broker exam in April 2015, October 2015, and April 2016. <br/><br/> There were more than 12 ComJOBB guys who passed customs broker exam in October 2014, about 20 Comjobb guys passed customs broker exam in the year 2015. <br/><br/> The performance of ComJOBB guys in April 7, 2014 customs broker license examination was good as expected.<br/> Responses from ComJOBB persons who took the exam in Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York were amazingly wonderful. 0I got a score of 86.25% ! 0, Miss Zerah said with great confidence, who is now working at a customs brokerage firm in LA, with a ComJOBB background and a BS degree from Nanjing University. 0I did a great job in the exam with a score of 83.75% ! 0, Mr. Zhu at his age of 26 replied to us very happily, who is currently doing ocean operations at a freight forwarder company in LA, with a ComJOBB background and a BS degree from UCLA. Mr. Zhang got a perfect score closing to 100%, and is working at a customs brokerage company in New Jersey. CBP sent out the official scores at the beginning of the 3rd week of the month May, 2014 . <br/><br/> So exciting ! <br/><br/> For CBP Customs Broker exam in October 7, 2013, ComJOBB guys created new miracles. Miracle seminars were held in December, 2013. Mr. Adams created a U.S. record of passing customs broker exam in 45 days ! <br/><br/> In less than 15 days since the beginning of the Year 2014, one girl student was employed by one of the world renowned company located in Jersey City. She was awarded with this great position within 3 weeks since she joined ComJOBB Goldkey. She has a financial degree from Baruch College, New York. <br/><br/> Performances of ComJOBB guys for the CBP exam in October 3, 2012 were wonderful. Ms Janet, a housewife in her late 40's with absolutely no degree and no professional experience in the U.S., passed the CBP customs broker exam in October 2012 in one shot. She took a ComJOBB 2-month program in July 2012 in Chinatown, New York. <br/><br/> In less than 30 days since the beginning of the Year 2013, four ComJOBB guys got their first professional jobs, one person, who is a licensed customs broker at the age of 26, graduated from Stony Brook University, one person graduated from Baruch College, two another persons graduated from universities in China. <br/><br/> ^wc W1Xܕ+^ёpS(WmiLu Tr`d gRhQN0^wc WёpS(WhQq_]'Y, ^wcx[T^STLmiǖ;NakΏ0#^wcvNAmx[T_Nvܕz-rlQSvu\O[ˊSZP  g*Qyv+^ Ye1Xܕ|Q  bLr 01Xܕf N` NN, 1\`p/, w`1Xܕ+^/U g~b^wc0dq}, x[1Xܕv  pfN 99%/fVpl gߍN1Xܕ+^WVy+^:r^wcx[, Na_b NwSYUOK(u'\s^ў}vt֊b\O[0 <br/><br/> 2012t^4g15e, ^wcw T!hS - qgNg'Y1XܕlQS1Xܕ=~sHQu NHS1:48PM (W^wc-N_;Nc  ^wcNN|v]\O N9}g, uRVaNvut^(W^wcvbRx[}wk, |q}N9}1Xܕ]\O1\miMRof, LmiX(u z^0N TBfs4XpN[t^2QS=~MT$5,000,vfFUT{uOUL0^'Y}>wSqp0<br/><br/> >wY'Yx[u~b]_, ^wc]\O_jgyrY, k^'Y_ ! <br/><br/> The minimum time to land a professional job in ComJOBB is between one week and one month. <br/><br/>One Wenzhounese girl got her first professional job in less than one month since she joined ComJOBB in Jan., 2012, while she spent more than 4 years in college without any paid office job. <br/><br/> <a href="http://www.ccyp.com/EventNews_NY/VendorNews.asp?EVENT_ID=583" >  W1Xܕ+^W T!h</a> <br/><br/> <iframe width="138" height="122" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/KyrBipcdXbI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/> Customs Broker, Chi, was holding a seminar. She prepared and passed CBP exam in 3 months. <br/><br/> <iframe width="138" height="122" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Ijk_Dg4G180" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/>Jasmin's tips to pass customs broker exam in less than 3 month in just one shot. <br/><br/> <iframe width="138" height="122" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/4814ud3DyKc" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/>Tom's tips to pass customs broker exam in just one shot. </td> </table> <br/><br/> <b>Witnessing ComJOBB Miracles and Sharing Joys </b> <br/><br/> More than 390 people who joined ComJOBB program became licensed Customs brokers in the United States during a 15-year period. <br/><br/> [OO~~BrooklynvѐHQuj0WǏ2018t^4gVwmsQbsQ^Ջ0ѐHQu2017t^^RN~~^z'Yf[kN, N,{Ne bSR^wcVёS02018t^6gR, NؚtQ0WT'Y~~0W:SvY gSRNNNbRvU`0 <br/> <iframe width="580" height="335" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/u_wIB1CMCAs" frameborder="0" gesture="media" allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/><br/> m`U[OO~~Brooklynv Leo, 2017t^10gSRwmsQbsQ^Ջ, 2017t^11g-Ne 6e0RVwmsQǏՋvb~wUS, S_gޘVEeaNwmWS\^GP2*Ng, 2018t^1g^2gR1\6e0R Job Offers 6e0RKbSo, g~, N bcSN[ N^lQSvoffer, w܏Nvgg <iframe width="580" height="335" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/q-UEQEHVW-U" frameborder="0" gesture="media" allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/><br/> <img src="image/Wuzhaos.jpg" width="628" height="486" /> <br/><br/> m`U[OO~~lbvvYm_lsYj0WǏwmsQbsQ^Ջ: u\Y, MRV_lYm]FU8f;`OyfN, l gNUOVf[S, S_R_N N/fVlQl, HQSR^wcbsQ^W,N*Ng1\~cP~b0RvsQNNv}Y]\Ol N NsZ, (Wev]\O\MO]\ONt^YNTSbVlQl,QSRbsQ^ՋN!kbRǏvxQWHhO, [^'YNSN gS^8^ g/TSPtaIN0 <br/> <iframe width="580" height="335" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/7St2UhVNycw" frameborder="0" gesture="media" allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/><br/> m`U[OOmIgwvJohnson HQuN!kǏ2017t^10gbsQ^Ջ, NN~~‰ w, 6eO_'Y <br/> <iframe width="580" height="335" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/eor7Lcc_cko" frameborder="0" gesture="media" allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/><br/> m`U[OO~~lbvvJordan HQuN(u$N*NgN!kǏwmsQbsQ^Ջ, )Y:g+zfgaqQN, N wOTN<br/> <iframe width="580" height="335" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/zBLaq3YVit8" frameborder="0" gesture="media" allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/><br/> Seeing is Believing, Customs Broker Exam Passed in 2017, Golden Tips by Rene <br/> <iframe width="580" height="335" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/wzd4jlHHNO8" frameborder="0" gesture="media" allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/><br/> Congratulations to Ms. Cherry at the age of 25, who was gladly notified by US Customs and Border Protection in November 2016 that she passed the Customs Broker Exam. <br/> <img src="image/Cherrysak.jpg" width="525" height="657" /><br/> ^wcwmsQbsQ^ՋbR~N~O, November 2016 <iframe width="668" height="368" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/DtN-PO2KQvU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/><br/> <br/><br/> <iframe width="668" height="368" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/cx_j6ElXs2Q" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/> Congratulations to Ms Cindy, who passed the CBP broker exam in April 2016. Cindy has 10 years' experiences in casino industry. She felt extremely happy that a new bright gate was opened for her career development, she shared her tips with her friends in June 2016 in Flushing, New York. YUOYhQ2018t^4gwmsQbsQ^Ջ: -NV gNSS݋,  MRN N_, TNKN^ , kN*N gzfgavNSNwS, UN8TSg^'YHQLv&^@v~Ye, SN gHev\p/_ZP0RNJSR P0YUONMRN:N^: el^8^{US, S0R YoutubeQzgNg  bsQ^ՋbR~N~O ~ǏS_0W>y:SlOs:WǏvs:WU_a, wgf[!h gl g 2010t^,2011t^,2012t^, 2013t^, 2014t^, 2015t^, 2016t^, 2017t^ǏbsQ^Ջvs:W0Ygl g, h:yُ[W:gg ُHNYt^l gNUOf[uǏՋ, fُ[:gg/fmmTv0\O:N4Yjfv`O, Yg؏Qm4l, >f6q/f Nfzfv0 <br/> <img src="image/Cindys.jpg" width="615" height="360" /><br><br/><br/> Congratulations to Mr. Douglas, who passed the customs broker exam in April 2016 at the age of 23. Mr. Douglas is a smart young person with entrepreneurial spirit. <br/> <img src="image/DougNyz.jpg" width="500" height="660" /><br/><br/><br/> <iframe width="600" height="350" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/AtghMIAgNgY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/> Congratulations to Ms Kathy, who passed the CBP broker exam in October 2015. Kathy has several years' experiences in logistics industry. She felt extremely happy for her success in passing this professional exam, she shared her tips with many friends in February 2016 in Los Angeles County, California. <br/> <img src="image/Kathyst.jpg" width="300" height="415" /><br/> <br/><br/> <iframe width="600" height="350" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/mgJk7JEzI8s" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Congratulations to Ms Angel, who passed the CBP broker exam in October 2015. Angel is a licensed English teacher in New York City, however, she may have to wait for several years to get a formal teaching position in public school. During her pregnancy period, she decided to prepare customs broker exam in order to become a customs broker. She chose to attend Comjobb course, and she passed the exam in October 2015. She was so happy to share her tips with her friends in New York in January 2016. Without wasting any time, she got a professional job in a big company in JFK airport in December 2015. <br/> <img src="image/Angels.jpg" width="300" height="375" /><br/> <br/><br/> Congratulations to Mr. Kenneth from Shanghai, who passed the Customs broker exam in October 2015 since May 2015 . Mr. Kenneth had been working as an ocean cargo insurance professional for more than 10 years in New York. The Port of Shanghai is the biggest one in China, the Port of New York is the biggest one in east coast of the United States, he is most confident that he will have a brightest future in his career development. <br/> <img src="image/Kenneths.jpg" width="300" height="375" /><br/> <br/><br/> <iframe width="600" height="350" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/AeRZBaCvgYA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><br/> Congratulations to Ms Mila, who passed the CBP broker exam in one shot in April 2015. Ms Mila has been working as a casino dealer in Los Angeles for 10 years. She flew from Los Angeles City with her over-73-year-old Mom to New York City to express her sincere gratitude to ComJOBB for the great online course and was so happy to share her tips how to pass CBP broker exam with the public in June 2015 <br/> <img src="image/Mila.jpg" width="600" height="393" /><br/> <br/><br/> <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/FdnU2E8u5h0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><br/> Congratulations to Mr. Warren, who passed the Customs Broker exam in one shot in April 2015. Mr. Warren has been working as airport security guard and OLD NAVY sales associate for 6 years in New York City.<br/> <img src="image/Warrenw.jpg" width="300" height="345" /><br/> <br/><br/> Congratulations to Mr. Lieberman, who passed the CBP broker exam in April 2015 in two-and-half months since the Mid January 2015. Mr. Lieberman had been working as a financial manager in insurance business for more than 10 years in Flushing, New York. He has a strong belief that customs business is a lifetime good business. <br/> <img src="image/Lieberman.jpg" width="300" height="375" /><br/> <br/><br/> Congratulations to Ms. Quenna, who passed the CBP broker exam in April 2015. Ms. Quenna has been working as an sales professional of Jewelry for more than 10 years in New York, New York, she thought a real change in her career development be definitely required. She was so happy she passed this professional license exam. <br/> <img src="image/Quenna.jpg" width="300" height="375" /><br/> <br/><br/> Congratulations to Mr. Johnny, who passed the CBP broker exam in one shot in October 2014. Mr. Johnny graduated from Stony Brook University and has been working with a big company in Long Island, New York. <br/> <img src="image/Johnnys.jpg" width="306" height="286" /><br/> <br/><br/> Congratulations to Mr. Henry, who passed the customs broker exam in October 2014. Mr. Henry graduated from Stony Brook University and has several years of professional experiences in freight forwarding industry. <br/> <img src="image/Henrys.jpg" width="225" height="306" /><br/> <br/><br/> Congratulations to Mr. Joe, who passed the CBP broker exam in October 2014. Mr. Joe graduated with BS degree from a school in New Jersey and has been working with a big logistics company in Jersey City, New jersey. <br/> <img src="image/MrJoe.jpg" width="306" height="339" /><br> <br/><br/> Congratulations to Mr. Leone, who passed the broker exam in October 2014 in just one shot. Mr. Leone, with a MBA degree in the U.S., has been working as a tourist guide for many years in New York. He was happily sharing his tips with the public in December 2014 in Flushing, New York. <br/> <img src="image/MrLeone.jpg" width="600" height="342" /><br/> <br/><br/> Congratulations to Mr. James Han, who passed the customs broker exam in one shot in October 2014. Mr. James moved from Los Angeles to New York for the purpose to realize his dreams in the USA. <br/> <img src="image/MHjamest.jpg" width="280" height="356" /><br/> Mr. James Han is a very nice young guy, he treats all people as his friends with his whole heart. This nice personality sometimes was purposely used by people with malicious intentions. Recently, Mr. James Han said very angrily to a lot of his friends that his CBP score letter was posted in the website of another company located in Flushing with the intention to mislead the public that his success in the exam was attributed to their efforts. Mr. James Han can't believe they could do things in such a fucking way far beyond the bottom line of business moral and ethical principles. <br/><br/> Congratulations to Mr. Wood, who passed the customs broker exam in October 2014. Mr. Wood has been in international trading business for many years in New York. <br/> <img src="image/MWoods.jpg" width="210" height="305" /><br/> <br/><br/> Congratulations to Mr. Witton, who passed the customs broker exam in October 2014. Mr. Witton graduated from Columbia University, New York. <br/> <img src="image/Witton.jpg" width="196" height="272" /><br/> <br/><br/> Congratulations to Mr. Jack, an immigrant from Zhe Jiang Province, China, who passed the customs broker exam in April 2014. He has been working as a cab driver for many years in Brooklyn, New York. <br/> <img src="image/Jackdrivercab.jpg" width="267" height="206" /><br/> <br/><br/> Congratulations to Ms. Emily, an immigrant from Taiwan, who passed the CBP broker exam in just one shot in April 2014. She has been engaged in immigration business for 8 years in Flushing, New York. <br/> <img src="image/Emilys.jpg" width="218" height="303" /><br/> <br/><br/> Congratulations to Mr. Ricky, graduated from University of California at Los Angeles, who passed the CBP broker exam in just one shot in April 2014. He is working with a customs brokerage company in Los Angeles, California. <br/> <img src="image/Rickyz.jpg" width="270" height="270" /><br/> <br/><br/> Congratulations to Ms. Zerah, who passed the CBP broker exam in April 2014, now has a professional position in a customs brokerage company in Los Angeles. She graduated from Nanjing University, China. <br/> <img src="image/Zerahs.jpg" width="270" height="169" /><br/> <br/><br/> Congratulations to Mr. Lee, with a PhD in accounting, who passed the customs broker exam in just one shot in April 2014. <br/> <img src="image/DrLive.jpg" width="226" height="267" /><br/> <br/><br/> Congratulations to Mr. Francisco, an experienced forwarding professional in great New York area, who passed the customs broker exam in April 2014. <br/> <img src="image/Francis.jpg" width="194" height="238" /><br/> <br/><br/> Congratulations to Mr. David, an IT professional with a master degree in computer science, who passed the customs broker exam in April 2014. <br/> <img src="image/David.jpg" width="140" height="247" /><br/> <br/><br/> Congratulations to Mr. Donny, an immigrant from Shanghai, China, who became a licensed customs broker in the year 2014. Mr. Donny graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China . <br/> <img src="image/DonnyAA.jpg" width="267" height="206" /><br/> <br/><br/> Congratulations to Ms. Jaime, who passed the broker exam in April 2014 in just one shot. Ms. Jaime, a housewife with an age of 50, has no US degree, no related professional experiences. She attributed her success in passing this broker exam to her family continuous encouragement and great teaching skills at ComJOBB. She was sharing her tips with the pubic in June 2014 in Flushing, New York. <br/> <img src="image/MsJaime.jpg" width="600" height="342" /><br/> <br/><br/> Congratulations to Ms. Grace, who became a licensed customs broker in the year of 2013. Now she is running her customs business in Texas. <br/> <img src="image/Graceton.jpg" width="225" height="270" /><br/> <br/><br/> Congratulations to Mr. Edison, who became a licensed customs broker in the year of 2013. Now he is a manager in an integrated logistics company in Jersey City, NJ. <br/> <img src="image/MrEdison.jpg" width="267" height="301" /><br/> <br/><br/> Congratulations to Ms. Alivia, an amazingly beautiful and sweet Fuzhounese girl of an age 23, she passed the broker exam in Oct., 2011. She is now running a very successful customs business in New York, New York. <br/> <img src="image/Alipic.jpg" width="745" height="260" /><br/> <span style="color:#000000"> Ms.Alivia delivered an impressive talk to the public in the 2nd week in January, 2012, in Flushing, New York, the audience witnessed and applauded her success in a special way. </span> <br/><br/> Congratulations to Mr.Tom, a Taiwanese guy with over 12-year ocean carrier and export experiences, he passed the broker exam in Oct., 2011. He joined ComJOBB program in May, 2011. He was so happy to share his valuable ComJOBB story with other ComJOBB guys during the last week of March, 2012, in Flushing, New York. <br/> <img src="image/MrTom.jpg" width="568" height="342" /><br/> <br/><br/> Congratulations to Mr. Leonardo, a cantonese guy with over 15-year import and export experiences, he passed the broker exam in Oct., 2011. He joined ComJOBB program in June, 2011. His excellent performance in customs broker exam stunned all his friends in trade community. He is running his customs business in Jamaica, New York. <br/> <img src="image/MrLeodo.jpg" width="267" height="301" /><br/> <br/><br/> Congratulations to Ms. Maria, she passed the broker exam in Oct., 2011. She joined ComJOBB program in April, 2011. Her excellent performance in customs broker exam stunned all her colleagues and friends in forwarding industry. She has over 12-year freight forwarding experiences. <br/> <img src="image/MsMaria.jpg" width="255" height="205" /><br/> <br/><br/> Congratulations to Mr. Eliot, he passed the customs broker exam at his first attendance in the exam, and very shortly with the powerful help from ComJOBB Center, he got a professional job in Long Island, New York at the beginning of Dec. 2011. <br/> <img src="image/Elliots.jpg" width="593" height="210" /><br/> <br/><br/> Congratulations to Ms. Jasmin, a shanghainese girl, she gained a passing score for the customs broker exam in Oct., 2011. She joined the ComJOBB program in mid-June, 2011. <br/> <img src="image/Jasmins.jpg" width="593" height="166" /><br/> <span style="color:#000000"> Ms.Jasmin addressed a valuable seminar to the public in Dec.6, 2011 in Flushing, the audience witnessed and applauded her success warmly. </span> <br/><br/> Congratulations to Mr. Kerry, he finally passed the CBP broker exam in Oct., 2011. Three years ago, he was misled and fooled by a scam program which has been always claiming a pass rate of at least 70%, he said, nobody in his class passed the exam as to his best knowledge for so long time, he felt so desperate during that period. He took the exam 4 times with scores invariably below 63%. In June 2011, he was encouraged by his kind father and referred by his friends who are ComJOBB alumni, and joined ComJOBB program. He talks to all his family members and friends, "ComJOBB, Come True, Really Magic, It Works !". Ms. Jasmin and he, usually sitting at the same table in the class, both of them passed the exam. <br> <img src="image/MrKerrys.jpg" width="267" height="301" /> <br/><br/> It's a long list ...., each year more than 20 to 30 ComJOBB guys will pass the customs broker exam, .... <br/><br/> Free seminars will be held to the public frequently on an irregular basis in Flushing and Chinatown, New York. The purpose of the seminars is to let the audiences have the chance to witness ComJOBB miracles and to share their most valuable experiences in the preparation of this most challenging broker exam in the United States. Please note, American customs brokerage professionals usually spend 3~6 years to pass this CPB broker exam if they're lucky. However, a lot of ComJOBB guys can pass this horrible exam within 2~6 months. ComJOBB Center has the incredible records that no other organization can beat in the United States. <br/><br/> <img src="image/Nancys.jpg" width="576" height="303" /><br/> <span style="color:#000000"> Special thanks to Ms. Nancy, she delivered a very exciting presentation to motivate new ComJOBB guys in Chinatown, New York in Nov.19, 2011 after she got her Broker License from the Director of JFK Port at the beginning of November, 2011. </span> <br/><br/> Congratulations to Mr. Joseph, the Chairman of the famous chinese association of Taiwan in Greater New York Area, who proudly passed the broker exam at his first attendance in the exam in April 4, 2011 after 5-month intensive training at ComJOBB Center. <br/><br/> Over 10 people passed the broker exam in April 4,2011 after the completion of ComJOBB program. <br/><br/> <img src="image/MsChi.jpg" width="526" height="334" /><br/> <span style="color:#000000">Ms. Chi, a charismatic Cantonese lady and a fashion designer with a Bachelor degree from Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, who proudly passed the exam at her first attendance in the exam in April 4, 2011, was sharing her success story with the guys in the new ComJOBB session in May 7, 2011 at Chinatown, New York. </span> <br/> <br/><iframe width="526" height="455" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/KyrBipcdXbI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> <br/><br/> <img src="image/MrTerrys.jpg" width="223" height="330" /><br/> <span style="color:#000000">Mr. Terry, a Chinese American from Malaysia, who proudly passed the exam at his first attendance in the broker exam in April 4, 2011,is now working with a big import & wholesale supplier in the City of New York. </span> <br/><br/> <img src="image/MrJose.jpg" width="745" height="280" /><br/> <span style="color:#000000">Mr. Joseph, Chinese Community Leader, the Chairman of Taiwanese Association in Greater New York Area, who proudly passed the exam at his first attendance in the broker exam in April 4, 2011, is planning to set up his own customs brokerage company to serve chinese importers and exporters in the near future years. He was sharing his happy and fruitful experiences with ComJOBB guys in Sept., 20, 2011 in Flushing, New York. </span> <br/><br/> <img src="image/MsYu.jpg" width="223" height="330" /><br/> <span style="color:#000000">Ms.Yu, a beautiful Wenzhounese girl and a graduate from Baruch College CUNY, proudly passed the exam at her first attendance in the broker exam in April 4, 2011. Now Wenzhounese importers and exporters in Greater New York Area have their own trustworthy customs broker since the year 2012. </span> <br/><br/> <img src="image/MrLins.jpg" width="223" height="285" /><br/> <span style="color:#000000"> Mr. Lin, a 25-year-old Fuzhounese with a diploma from FDR High School in Brooklyn, New York, proudly passed the customs broker exam in April 4, 2011. </span> <br/><br/> <b>Courtesy Warning Messages:</b><br/> Customs Broker Program may not be applicable to some people, and please remember, choosing a powerful service provider is essential in order to pass customs broker exam. Stepping into a wrong program will result in ultimate failure of your performance in the exam, no matter how many times and how hard you may try. ComJOBB Center is a national leader in customs broker exam training with unparallel success records. <br/><br/> g: gя glQS(WQz NXy[bgNW:gg[bNN z \_20f[R, ُN/f N/fNNvW z gHegvvcS`nc ? <br/> ^wcVT{: ُp`p`/ffvQW N`HN7hvS`nc0[_Y['`vOo`, VwmsQyr+RcQVwmsQ NcOwmsQՋW, NbNUOf[!hvf[RbfN, NbNUOyNLNOSOSvNUONNNX~feN0 NYb:NbsQ^, [hQN/f&T&{TVwmsQbsQ^vagN:NQ0YdkN>N[bNNv z \_20f[R, vQR:g/fNHN, "`Oav"0 <br/><br/> g: gя glQS(WQz N4NNՋb~US YpSN, Nb g90YRv, ُN/f N/fNNvW z gHegvvcS`nc ? <br/> ^wcVT{: (WQz N4NNՋb~US YpSNp`p`/ffvQWl gNUOHegvS`nc0 <br/> <br/><br/> : dk݋` ? <br/> ^wcVT{: HQ, ُ*Nb~US YpSNvw['` Nb/fNNb~US YpSN7h,g, 'Y[SNb[COPY Neg, {USPSd\OSNzl6R\OQASN bRnc 0 NOPSv gSSNl NT|^wc[cMQ9f[PS 0<br/> <img src="image/Samplescam.jpg" width="745" height="251" /> <br/><br/> <b>How to avoid fraudulent training programs ? How to choose the one-stop most powerful customs broker program ?</b><br/> <b>YUOX%R1XܕWw1, YUOcxg7_v1Xܕ+^fWs ?</b><br/> Confidential information disclosed from many insiders and victims: one company running a customs broker training program located in New Jersey, the pass rate is consistently zero during a 5-year period; another company running a similar program located in Flushing, always claims the pass rate for customs broker exam is at least 70%, the actual pass rate is ironically stuck at zero level during a 3-year period. Many chinese  smart victims  in New York and California felt being foolishly scammed. eoglQS5t^1XܕWfǏsp, lbvglQS6t^1XܕfǏsp, 'Y}}TR]1Y pfN 2kT!qm0ˊOO, SR1Xܕ+^Wp/  , Sgf}`Yu NSva0`Oga:k`OvN !|v1\/fb`OvuPP[ 0 <br/><br/> dq}, x[1Xܕv  pfN 99%/fVp\O[0pk^R'Y[MQё" d1YS=NmiMR z, ^wc WёpSMQ<b> '\s^ў}vt֊ Result-orientedvxl</b>(vc0R \e}zxeNxeqQ gY\fxf]N1Xܕfv'Y-NP xeW['Y fWs[R7_; xeW[\ f[R\; xeW[cя f[RT}W_Ncя) k^'Y[xd1XܕWp \  0 <br/><br/> <b>'\s^ў}vt֊ Result-orientedvxl]\OSt:</b><br/> k PWsN[ g_Yx[T, k Px[T g}YY,g0W Tx[T gS0 gx^N1Xܕ+^f/fN^8^jvN`0 NnS'Y,  NT[OT'Y, NUak9TN9T0 NhQv1Xܕ+^f, NUak9TN9T0  NQO`9T_N_, 'Y-NP\OGP06q, g gRx[TQO_ NXyɁ, FO1Yx[T/f^8^XaT'Y[qQNU`, g- gb}YIQ0hQ WS g^wc WёpS g#jSN9Tv,g", ]W я200 Tx[Tbp(WN1Xܕ+^0 <br/><br/> relSNNoc1Y[{^v`Nvqg0 kY, T{ak^R1XܕlQS, N[ N NQONR!q_NJw0 SkY, glQS Ne T.z>y@S;mRXR w T^ , ˊ Nfwvv>y@S ;mNXb NfwvvvQN_jiYFUgI{OzS̀f, NS/fFUmiOLp, (uO_` T#j Nfwvv pfN 0 kY, glQSS Yˊ pfN OY!kf}, vQ[S/f_tPbIfrlQSl gSx (u_o0 Qdk.z.z NIfrlQS g1XܕWv[R, vSp`p`IfNrlQSl gW1Xܕv[R0 <br/><br/> <b>'\s^ў}vt֊ Result-oriented vxla(unGR, YUOx Valid 'Y-gq ?</b><br/> kN.zelwSg(u, Mb gHeg0&TGR, Yg NgYUOxvalid'Y-gq, rel_Ng(u0 <ul> <li>'Y-gq_/fvut^g}Y/fvug(WYe[̑bvgqGr0</li><br/> kY, 'Y}}PLuWgQNXgяAmP, gglQS{vQO~^5_'Y-gq, vQ-N35_gqGrE\6q/f2009t^6g~9gvx[u, ꁣBfw0R2011t^10gqQ g5!kf_jg0 g F`_ EN, wv m`U 0Qs.z`l, ]} N|~~xe'Y-gqN, T{HhvQ[]} gN0<br/> <li>'Y-gq N/fu;mgq, #jvgqGrS/fGPv0VpS/fvQ,gNk Nw`v(uvgqGr0</li><br/> <li>(Wwmܕfb>~lQHONMR1\QvgqGr N{\Ovalid'Y-gq, S/f%R g(u_, |~~_` pfN MT"0</li><br/> kY, 2011t^10g1Xܕ+^fb>~v0R11g30e Wwmܕl gck_lQHO, lbvglQS10g^11gR1\r1z]N2011t^10g1Xܕ+^f, SIf/fN Pfov@\0wmYNfv5_0WN, w/f`UON*X ! </ul> <b>What is the conflict of interests ? How to increase scams awareness ? YUOx[gX)Rv]z2bk ?</b><br/> gя gNMONVOCCwmKNlQSƕSR^wc1XܕW, Namw0W g1z1XܕlQSv1Xܕ+^=~ZP1XܕW, a*`*`v 0 <a href="http://www.comjobb.com/Cbroker.html " > See the detailed information </a>0 <br/><br/> <b>'Y}}PLuirAm1XܕWgQNX!qN Nw, 1Xܕf, `Nܕ_~b5_ZSX !</b> </p></td> </tr> </table></td> <td > &nbsp; </td> </tr> <tr> <td>&nbsp;</td> <td>&nbsp;</td> <td>&nbsp;</td> <td>&nbsp;</td> </tr> </table> <table width="900" border="0" align="center" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <tr> <td>&nbsp;</td> <td>&nbsp;</td> <td>&nbsp;</td> <td>&nbsp;</td> </tr> <a href="index.html" > <img src="/image/home.jpg" border="0"> </a> <td height="50" align="center" valign="bottom"><img src="image/BT01.jpg" width="600" height="50" /></td> </table> </body> </html>